June 11, 2010

Featured Fridays – CJ’s Craft Corner

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Friday is yet again upon us.  I am looking forward to the weekend, as always, and looking back at another week down as I get closer and closer to vacation time.  This year family vacation is taking us to Disney World!  I love it.  We have been once as a family before, but that was before Adam became a part of the family.  This is going to be his first trip ever to the Magic Kingdom!  I can hardly wait. 🙂

But, I digress.  It is time, once again, for another installment of Featured Fridays!

Store Name: cjscraftcorner

Tag Line: Fabric Creations to Brighten Your Life

First Name: Carolyn

Physical Location: Northcentral Ohio

Inventory: “Tea wallets, runners, & gifts for teachers and showers!”

Links: shop, blog, facebook

Last week, I finally purchased one of the tea wallets by CJ’s Craft Corner (also a TeamCAC member) that I have been eyeballing for quite a while.  They are the most handy idea I have seen to hold and carry your favorite tea bags with you wherever you go.  Just fill up the wallet, stick it in your purse, and go.  I went back and forth between the wallet that I purchased,

Tea Wallet in Brown and Blue Damask

and this too-cute retro one.

Handmade Tea Wallet in Retro Fruit Tree and Apple Fabric

It took me a week to decide.  I’m not kidding!  So many good choices make it even harder on me to pick one.  And, like icing on the cake, each tea wallet comes pre-filled with four tea bags.  This mother/daughter team really does a great job in their work.

Now, CJ’s Craft Corner isn’t just about tea wallets.  They have many other wonderful fabric crafts at awesome prices as well.  Check out some of my personal favorites, and then head on over to their shop and find some of your own! (Oh, and while you’re there, wish Carolyn a happy birthday today!)

Padded Gadget or Sunglasses Pouch in Pink and Brown Floral

Placemats- Purple and Mauve Birds, Pink and Mauve on Navy, Reversible, Set of 2

Handmade Removable 16 in Paisley Pillow Cover in Tan, Gold, Blue, Green, and Gray

Plastic Grocery Bag Holder in Green and Orange Bird Fabric


May 28, 2010

Featured Fridays – GreenTrunkClothing

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TGIF!  Whew, what an emotional roller coaster I have been on this week.  I let my employers know that I am officially looking for full-time work, and that was so hard because they are such a sweet family.  I had a very promising interview at the bank, but I have not heard anything back from them, and they have already removed the job posting, so now it’s not feeling so promising.  And on top of that, over the past year, I have begun to become quite emotional about *once a month*, and this week I almost bought a plane ticket to go to SC this weekend, until I realized that it was Memorial Day weekend.  One thing I have learned – never make big decisions when I’m feeling like that.  Yay for the weekend!

And on to today’s Featured Fridays’ seller:

Store Name: GreenTrunkClothing

Tag Line: Handmade Reproduction Vintage & Upcycled Clothing

First Name: Jaya

Physical Location: Westchester County, NY/Fairfield County, CT

Inventory: “…OOAK, handmade, clothing and accessories, all inspired by the styles of the past, and all made from upcycled, repurposed, and thrifted materials.”

Links: Green Trunk Clothing (shop), Green Trunk Designs (sister shop)

As you know, I am all about vintage patterns and upcycling.  So, of course, fellow TeamCAC member Green Trunk Clothing caught my eye right off the bat.  Here are some clothes that would be great on a holiday weekend, such as the one we are quickly approaching.  Going on a pic-nic?  Grab one of her too-cute sun visors to keep you protected.  Staying home and doing some spring cleaning?  There is a plethora of aprons to choose from.  Going out on the town?  How about an upcycled slip dress.  And, all of Green Trunk Clothing’s listings have a wonderful vintage feel.

Now, not only does Jaya upcycle and repurpose, so you know you’re doing the environment some good when you purchase from her, but:

“10% of all sales go to suport the WAMAMA Sewing Project of Lake Kivu Christian Center in Goma, DR Congo, E. Africa for more information go to http://www.lkccgoma.com/default.html”

How cool is that?  Good for the planet and the people on it!

Be sure to check out Green Trunk Clothing, and while you’re at it, go on over to Green Trunk Designs as well for more cute hats, tote bags, and yoga mat bags.  In the mean time, here are a few of my faves.

Retro Tent Dress, Ziggy Cartoon

Star Wars Jedi Wrap Pants

Peasant Girl Half Apron

Handmade Hippie Slip Dress

April 30, 2010

Featured Fridays – Jamfiescreations1

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Ahhhhh, Friday is finally here.  This week has been pretty busy, and the weekend ahead is packed!  Wednesday morning, I had two fillings replaced and a new cavity filled, then spent most of the afternoon with my playdoh-like face on a heating pad trying to recoup.  Ida Straightshooter made another appearance Wednesday night. (For clarification, see the post I Petted An Armadillo)  Tonight and tomorrow night provide another opportunity to tickle people’s funny bones while I do a little improv comedy at the After Hours Improv Theater.

And guess what else…. I picked up that tea pot cross stitch that I wrote about last week in my post Works in Progress, when I discussed projects that were started only to be set aside and never completed.  It looks like getting that confession out there and reading your similar experiences helped reignite my interest!

Oh, and I would be remiss if I failed to mention the Handmade Bash that is going on tomorrow at 1409 S. Lamar in Dallas, TX.  It’s sponsored by the Etsy Dallas team, and my friend and previous Featured Fridays store owner Rachel, from 3BearsStudio, is going to have a table set up.  She’s dipping her big toe into the craft show scene for the first time, so if you’re in town, come by and show her some love!

Store Name: Jamfiescreations1

Tag Line: Always made with love

First Name: Mary

Physical Location: Moses Lake, Washington

Inventory: “Paper Crafts and More”

Links: shop, blog

Jamfiescreations1, what can I say? I discovered (and immediately hearted!) her store back at the beginning of February, and have been drooling over her goodies for quite some time. It doesn’t hurt that I’m already a nut for stationary anyway. Finally, last week, I made my first purchase: two Mother’s Day cards.

I love, love, love them!  When I took them out of the bubble mailer, they were exactly what I expected.  They are made from high-quality, sturdy card stock, and the embellishments are carefully attached.  Her designs and color choices always keep me coming back to see what new items she has in her shop.

One of the things that I particularly like about Jamfiescreations1, that sets her apart from some other Etsy sellers, is that you also get an envelope that is designed to match your card, not just some plain old everyday envelope.  So, I know my mom and mother-in-law are going to know there is something special in store for them as soon as they open their mailboxes.

Jamfiescreations1 not only sells cards, but also things like personalized store tags, signs, and decorative mailing and packing  supplies.  Be sure to check out Mary’s store.  I’ll bet you’ll heart it as fast as I did!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few of my current favorites:





February 10, 2010

A Day By The Sea

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In celebration of my first week as a new member of TeamCAC, I managed to grab a treasury this morning and fill it with items created by TeamCAC members.  I’ve been dreaming of warm summer days lately.  Just because I live in Texas doesn’t mean that the temperature has been above 30 degrees any time recently.  And so, this became the inspiration for the “A Day By the Sea” treasury.  And, just like last week, I’d like to give you a peek at my alternates just in case I don’t get to swap them into the treasury.  Enjoy!

Blue Wood Fiber Cymbidium Orchid Corsage by BusyBeeHolidays

Peacock Wedding Signature Mat by inspiredbymarie

03-06 months Mint Green MaryJanes Baby Girl Shoes by RubiesNRoses

This One is Mine Luggage Handle Wrap in Blues by 4girlsdesigns

February 8, 2010

New Member of TeamCAC!

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I am very excited to be one of the newest members of Etsy’s Team Christian Artist and Crafters!  This Etsy team supports one another not only through store and item promotions, but through prayer and encouragement as well.

You can click to check out the team blog, AND you can also become a facebook fan.

Keep your eyes open when you’re cruising the Etsy site because you just might run into some other members. There are a few hundred of us. 🙂

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