October 17, 2011

CraftLife Episode 15 – Bound To Be Creative

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I caught Christmas trying to sneak up on me this week.  What was I thinking, getting distracted by all of the lingering hot weather?!  The truth is, it will be here before we know it, and it looks like “full steam ahead” for me until the end of the year.  Even though by schedule will be bursting at the seams, I will do my best to keep to a regular podcasting schedule if at all possible.

Already behind on your Christmas knitting?  Have no fear!  Make a virtual tacky Christmas sweater for everyone on your list!

If tee-ball doesn’t pique your kid’s interest, and violin lessons aren’t working out, how about Mutton Bustin’ for a change?

October is half-way over, but Treacle and Ink is still Going Pink for breast cancer research. All sales made during October will Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Need a comedy improv fix? Here’s a bunch of “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” videos. These bring out Adam’s over-the-top laugh. 🙂

I really enjoy using the traditional anniversary gifts list as a guideline to help me get creative with anniversary gifts.

The Holden Shawlette, by Mindy Wilkes – DONE!

My current sweater deconstruction will (hopefully!) result in a few pairs of French Press Felted Slippers, by Melynda Bernardi.

I am so excited to be attending Ysolda Teague’s “The Perfect Sweater” class offered by The Woolie Ewe!

The Pocket Sandwich Theatre is presenting the 30th consecutive year of Ebenezer Scrooge, a musical based on the Charles Dickens classic, “A Christmas Carol”. I’m very pleased to be able to participate in the capacity of Music Director.

Lyrics to this week’s song (based on the song “B*tch” by Meredith Brooks)


I knit a lot today
At the office, in the store,
And the subway.
I smiled at you, but you look at me like maybe I’m a great big oddity,
Some strange mystery.
Yesterday you spied
What I was doing, and you flagrantly implied
I did not look like what you think a knitter looks like.
Will this always be my fate?
It’s time to educate you,
And set the record straight.

‘Cause I stitch, I’m a mother
I’m your sister or your brother
Hand-knit items, I make many
I just might be your Granny
I’m a Las Vegas showgirl
I rock the CEO world
I am anybody that you’ve ever known

So take my sticks and string –
Put them together, I can make most anything.
Baby booties, scarves, and sweaters, or a life-sized knitted royal family
So what, if I decide to make
A toilet paper cozy?

‘Cause I stitch, I’m a mother
I’m your sister or your brother
Hand-knit items, I make many
I just might be your Granny
I’m a Las Vegas showgirl
I rock the CEO world
I am anybody that you’ve ever known

So if you think you’ve got me figured out
You’ve got another think coming
I think it’s cool you try to relate
But I am anyone at all

‘Cause I stitch, I’m a mother
I’m your sister or your brother
Hand-knit items, I make many
I just might be your Granny
I’m a Las Vegas showgirl
I rock the CEO world
I am anybody that you’ve ever known

Yeah I stitch, drive the carpool,
Coach some football at the high school
Funky hip-hop I devour
Sing opera in the shower
I’m a gamer, I wait tables
I help where I am able
I am anybody that you’ve ever known


October 10, 2010

The Creative Environment

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*Today is the LAST day to enter the Raggedy Ann scarf giveaway and take advantage of the blog readers’ special sale!  Check out this past Monday’s post for more details.*

What does your creative environment look like?  Do you have one particular space in which you craft, or do you get creative pretty much anywhere?  Do you have a special craft notebook that helps you get inspired?  I once met someone who couldn’t get any work done unless she was holding her favorite pen.

For me, it depends on what I’m working on and where I am.  If I’m crafting from home, I almost always have my own special Celtic blend playing on Pandora in the background.  You’ll find me set up at the kitchen table, or, right now, in the garage, since I’m working on a super secret anniversary gift for my hubby. (more on that later)

If I take my crafting outside of the house, I’m usually listening to podcasts, such as Sister Dianne’s CraftyPod , Ira Glass’s This American Life, or the latest monologue from Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion.  Yes, I say with no shame that I am an NPR nerd.

So, I guess in my case, my creative environment is more auditory than visual or physical.

How about you?

October 4, 2010

100th Post Extravaganza!

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I am so excited to have reached my 100th post!  Who would have thought when I started this blog and confessed to you that “I have no idea what to write about,” I would actually have 100 things to write about, with even more to come?

With this milestone, there comes a few changes, and a few surprises.  The next time you surf on over to the Treacle And Ink Etsy shop, you’ll find more than just tablecloths and china.  In order to reach a larger audience and stay true to my personality, I am adding items for other areas of your life.  If you have read more than a handful of the past 99 posts, you know that my crafty interests range far and wide, and Treacle And Ink will now reflect that.

Now, if you were here for my “50th Post Celebration”, you may remember the 25% off sale I offered exclusively to blog readers only.  How could I leave it out this time around??  For one week only (that’s from today until 11:59pm on 10/10/10), blog readers will receive 25% off of their orders.  Just type “Post100” in the notes to seller to receive your discount.  What makes this sale even cooler this time around, is that I will be adding new items to the shop throughout this week, so you have the opportunity to purchase them at a discount as soon as they’re posted.

And now, on to the giveaway!

Raggedy Ann Scarf - Multi

Raggedy Ann Scarf - Multi (close-up)

This time around, I am giving away a multicolored Raggedy Ann scarf.  This scarf was made by knitting together strips of a variety of different fabrics that were knotted together to form one continuous strand.  The rainbow of colors in this scarf includes reds and pinks, blues and greens, yellows, browns, and black.  I actually have two of these multicolored scarves, and the other is available for sale in my Etsy shop.  Click on over there if you’d like to see a few more pics.

How to enter:

You can have up to three entries in this giveaway!

#1:  Become a subscriber to my blog. Simply click the button in the right column that reads “Sign me up!” and follow the directions.  Leave me a comment on this post and let me know you’re a new subscriber.  Or, if you are already a subscriber, just leave a comment letting me know you’d like to be entered.

#2:  Become a Facebook Fan. Click on the link to my Facebook Fanpage and become a fan.  Leave me a wall post to let me know you’re a new fan.  Or, if you are already a fan, just leave me a wall post letting me know you’d like to be entered.

#3:  Heart an item in my shop. Which one of my items is your favorite?  Just heart the one you like best and leave me a comment letting me know.

That’s three easy ways to enter!

*This giveaway is open until 10/10/10 at 11:59pm CST.  Each entry will be assigned a number in the order in which they are received.  The winner will be chosen on 10/11/10 at random using the random integer generator at random.org.

I’ll announce the lucky winner in next Monday’s post, so be on the lookout!

April 5, 2010

50th Post Celebration!

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Today’s post marks my 50th post here at the Treacle And Ink blog!  When I started this blog, I wasn’t able to see very far past the first week of posts, much less envision making it to the big five-o.  Yet, here we are!

I would like to mark this milestone with a little two part celebration.

First of all, as a big “THANK YOU” to all of my dear readers, I would like to offer you a 25% discount off of anything you order from my shop for this entire week!  Just type “Post50” in the notes to seller to receive your discount.  This sale, exclusively for my blog readers, will end at 11:59 on 4/11, so that gives you plenty of time to place your orders. 🙂

Secondly, I have created an “Alice in Wonderland” themed treasury just for the occasion.  You can check it out by clicking here.  And, as always, here is a sneak peek at my alternates, just for you:

5 Large gift tags Alice in Wonderland distressed hang tags assorted designs with deepwater blue ribbon - by flirtdeux

Alice Drink Me Handkerchief - by DreamscapeTwilight

Fabric Covered Buttons or Flatbacks-ALICE in WONDERLAND - by TheKraftRoom

Drink Me Teacups, set of 2 - by WonderlandShop

I would be talking to empty space without you, so thank you again for reading!  I’m looking forward to bringing you more musings, featured shops, and how-tos in the next fifty.  Post 100 will be here before you know it!

Have a wonderful week. 😉

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