July 16, 2010

Featured Fridays – Beppie Bags

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Friday is once again upon us, and it is a good one!  The weekend ahead will bring a visit with family whom we have not seen in a while.  It has certainly been the month to see family, which is wonderful!

I have a job interview on Monday morning, so prayers on that topic would be greatly appreciated.

Also, my husband received an exciting request this morning, but I’m going to have to wait to share the specifics with you until is becomes “official.”  Rest assured that it is some pretty cool news, which you will appreciate even more if you are a video-gamer.

That’s pretty much the wrap-up of my week, so let’s move on to something much more interesting:  this week’s Featured Fridays seller!

Store Name: Beppiebags

Tag Line: HOORAY!  You found me.  Welcome to Beppiebags.

First Name: Beth

Physical Location: Central Wisconsin

Inventory: “…FUN VINTAGE and, as time permits, a handmade handbag or two.”

Links: shop, hubby’s shop

My (still fairly) new obsession with all things mid-century modern has led me to do a ton of very enjoyable Etsy window shopping over the past few weeks.  But, as you know, window shopping can only go on for so long before the real shopping begins.  I mean, you can’t take me into a bakery and not expect me to walk out with a pastry or two.  The temptation is just too great.  So, after “hearting” a few choice listing, and saving me pennies, I finally made my first Etsy MCM purchase of four coffee cups in Salem’s North Star pattern, from beppiebags.

Ahhh, the bliss!  My only other North Star purchase (so far…) was of the salt and pepper shaker from Ebay, which I was very pleased with.  But buying from Ebay often lacks that sense of personal touch and community that comes with an Etsy purchase.

Enter Beth at Beppie Bags!

This is such a fun shop.  First of all, your eyes are met with a screen of vibrantly colored and well-lit photographs of a plethora of vintage goodies, which most definitely encourages you wander past the front page into the rest of the shop.  Amid the array of dinner and kitchen ware, you’ll stumble across a surprise or two, like this listing which made me laugh:

All About Sausage

The inside cover of this book contains a German quote which translates, “Without sausage, without bacon, purpose in life is forsaken.”  I absolutely agree.

While you’re browsing all of the goodies that Beppie Bags has to offer, don’t forget to notice her shop announcement.  Unlike some other shops I have visited (which shall remain nameless), it is clear, up-to-date, and contains relevant and current links.  Not a small feat for a married mother of two who manages two flower shops and runs her own Etsy shop!

My purchase from Beppie Bags was a pleasant, smooth experience.  My coffee cups arrived carefully packaged and ready to become new additions to my collection.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few more listings to tempt you to click on over to Beppie Bags and do a little shopping of your own!

Snack time for Two - Darling Milk Glass Cups and Plates

SALE Handmade retro barkcloth day to evening clutch

SALE...FATHER is LUCKY - Vintage Shaving Mug

6 Pieces Tangerine Imperial W. Dalton Stoneware


June 14, 2010

Now I’ve Gone And Done It

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While you may not have read any posts about it lately, my atomic/mid-century modern obsession is still full blown.  As a matter of fact, while my mother-in-law was out thrift store and garage sale shopping this weekend, she sent me pictures of two atomic bar stools.  I was going to asked her to pick them up for us, until she told me that they were orange and not reddish/pinkish as they appeared in the picture.  Oh well.

I may not have gotten the bar stools, but I did manage to win a little something off of Ebay this weekend.  Check these out!

Salem North Star S&P Shakers

I first introduced you to this pattern in my post “Mid Century Modern and Atomic Design – My New Obsession”.  Ever since I discovered this pattern, I have been ogling various pieces on Etsy and Ebay, dreaming of one day having a set of my very own to use as my everyday dishes.  I have all sorts of excuses as to why I don’t need to get them.  They don’t match the reds and yellows in my kitchen.  I already have a very practical and plain cream-colored set of Correlle dishes that I picked up from Wal-Mart.  Besides that, I’m so clumsy that if a set of these dishes were to wind up in my possession, there are sure to be dish casualties, and thus more irreplaceable pieces lost forever.

Then I saw this S&P set for the right price on Ebay.

I thought to myself, “It’s not too hard to find plates and cups, but salt and pepper shakers don’t come around as often.  If you think you’d ever like to have a set of these dishes, you might want to pick these up now.”

And so I did.

As soon as I won the auction, I knew that I had started something that I wasn’t going to be able to stop.  This little set of salt and pepper shakers was just the beginning of something much bigger.  I’ve got my eyes on a few Etsy listings right now for which I’m going to squirrel away a few dollars here and there.  But do me a favor, don’t tell Adam!  He thinks we have too many dishes already!

And remember that Federal Patio Snack/Luncheon set?

Federal Patio Snack Set

I managed to acquire another set of them, but, well, I mourned the sale of the first set so much that I decided to keep the second set for myself!  What am I thinking?

May 24, 2010

Save The Pink Bathrooms! (and an atomic themed treasury)

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In my continuing exploration of all things atomic, I stumbled across this website devoted to a truly worthy cause:

Oh pink bathroom, how do I love thee?

Before moving here to the Lone Star state, we were living in a lovely, large ranch style house that my grandparents built.  The interior had seen many design changes over the years, but one thing that I remember never changing (at least as long as I have been alive) was the pink bathroom.  This oasis featured pink wall and floor tiles, a pink tub and toilet, and duel pink sinks.  White and gold accented the pink in the mirrors, counter tops, sconces and wall paper.  Two white saloon-style swinging doors separated the sink area from the tub/toilet area.  My oh my – that was an awesome bathroom.

And here I thought that bathroom was pretty unique.  Little did I know that the pink bathroom was a pretty popular thing back in the day – so much so, that there are many people now who have inherited those pink bathrooms and pledged to preserve them.

Now that we have moved far, far away and have had to bid farewell to that pink bathroom, I must confess that I do miss it.  I will dig around and see if I can find a picture of it somewhere.  I know I’ve seen pics of my sister and cousin in it getting ready for prom…

Where did this pink craze come from?  The Save The Pink Bathrooms website has a great little write-up on the history of this “Mamie Pink” and how it became so popular.

Now, in continuation of my new atomic obsession, I put together a little atomic-themed treasury yesterday morning.  Check it out here, and pass along your clicks and comments!  And to further whet your appetite, here is a look at my alternates.  Happy browsing!

EAMES ERA CaTHaY AToMiC CHINA MoSAiC TiLES - by katiedesigns4u

VINTAGE 50's ATOMIC Pattern Tea and Dessert DISHES - by babylonsisters

Atomic Playtime - by josieportillo

Atomic Drinking Glasses, Set of 5, Black and Gold - by 2BoredBunnies

May 22, 2010

Mid Century Modern and Atomic Design – My New Obsession

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I recently listed this totally awesome luncheon set in my Etsy shop, Treacle And Ink.

I completely fell in love with this set as soon as I saw it, and it was so hard to give them up.  I love everything about it – the colors, the pattern, the milk glass, the shape of the plates and texture of the cup handles.  As I was doing a little background research on the pattern and maker, I came across an old listing by another Etsy seller for a set that was identical to this one.  Glancing through the tags that this seller had chosen, I noticed one that said “atomic.”  Curious, I plugged atomic into the Etsy search engine to see what exactly that meant.  And so was the beginning of my new obsession.

At the risk of this post becoming a full-blown novel, I’ll try to stick to the main points.

I first became interested in Atomic Design (only I didn’t know it at the time) while playing Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360.  This game takes place a few hundred years after a fictitious nuclear fallout:

Okay, okay, now don’t go thinking, “You want your house to look like THAT?”  Try, instead, to look past the rubble and imagine the interior as it originally was.  I loved that 1950’s feel.

Back to my “atomic” search.  As I clicked through page after page of the Etsy search results, I stared in wonderment.  People still made and used stuff like that?  It wasn’t long before that little curiosity became an intrigued internet scavenger hunt and then a full-blown obsession.

I love it for so many reasons!  I love the look of old futuristic, not so much new futuristic or “modern”.  I love the concept of the Jetson’s meet Ozzie and Harriet.  I think the post-war era also draws me in with ideas of solid family values, G-rated TV, and being able to unashamedly ask the blessing in school before lunch.  And, as an added bonus, this just might be where my taste and my hubby’s taste will come into alignment.

Now, to bring myself back down to Earth, I currently have absolutely nothing in my possession that would even come close to falling under the heading of “Atomic Design”.  So, for now, I’ll just share a few of my recent inspirations.  Enjoy!

courtesy of gusmodern.com

courtesy of replacements.com

courtesy of modernfurniture.com

courtesy of retrorenovation.com

courtesy replacements.com

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