April 3, 2011

CraftLife Episode Two Addendum

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Well, as a newbie at this whole podcasting thing, there are bound to be bumps in the road.  Such a bump happened this weekend.

I recorded the podcast early this week and set it to publish on Saturday morning, since we were out of town visiting the family.  I (foolishly!) left my computer at home, confident that everything was going to go just fine.  The blog post went up right on time on Saturday morning, and episode two appeared in iTunes about 4 hours later.  If you have already downloaded episode two as of the time I am posting this, you already know the rest of the story.

When my dear mother-in-law downloaded the episode from iTunes and played it, it played a one minute clip of Natalie MacMaster’s song “Appropriate Dipstick.”  Arg…

Evidently, putting a link to an mp3, other than the actual podcast, in the show notes is a bad idea!

So sorry if you have already downloaded episode two and wondered what in the world was going on.  I ran to my computer as soon as we got home tonight and have removed the link from the show notes.  iTunes should update over the next 24 hours, and hopefully that will fix everything.  My best guess for those of you who have already downloaded the erroneous episode two, is to unsubscribe, and then resubscribe.  Sorry for the inconvenience!



  1. Hello! I have just downloaded and listened to the first 2 episodes of your podcast and I have to say that they are fabulous! I was led to your podcast by iMake and I am so glad I downloaded it. I to love to have a go at many different crafts and so it is great to now have 2 general crafty podcasts to listen to! I also love Doctor Who and in my recent iMake blog interview said that if I wasn’t a teacher I would like to be the Doctor’s assistant!!! Am looking forward to downloading your future episodes and hearing about your crafty exploits!
    Sarah x

    • Thanks for your kind remarks, Sara. I have read your iMake interview, and I have to agree with your alternative profession of choice. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be the Doctor’s assistant! (gorgeous picture, by the way) Now, I have to ask, tribal belly dancing – what is that all about?? It sounds like so much fun!

      • I have just been listening to episode 3 on my way to work and am absolutley loving it. I still have 10 minutes left to listen to so I’m saving that for the drive home later! Tribal bellydancing uses similar moves to traditional oriental bellydance but is performed in groups and is improvised. It is a lot more folky and grounded and is such good fun! I dance with my mum and we have a blog (that she writes) where there are some videos of other groups and more information if you are interested (www.sakuratribal.blogspot.com)
        Sarah x

  2. Sandra said,

    Hi, enjoyed the podcast so thanks! Re second sock/glove syndrome – one can either knit 2 at once or just knit say 20 rows of sock one then start sock two and knit 20 rows. Then back to sock one for another 20 rows etc. That way after sock one completed there is only a few rows left to do on sock two and this is not so daunting as a whole sock

    • Ooooo, Sandra, I’m liking that idea of knitting 20 rows at a time on each. I think in my case that would be worth purchasing an extra set of needles. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the podcast!

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