April 26, 2011

CraftLife Promo

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The CraftLife promo is now up and running.  Distribution of this promo is strictly forbidden highly encouraged!

Have no fear, this is not in place of this week’s upcoming episode, but merely a bit of a teaser.  See you on the weekend. 🙂


April 16, 2011

CraftLife Episode Three – Fiber, Fiber, Everywhere

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Whew! After being up to my neck in fiber over the past two weeks, I am just itching to share it with you. But first of all, what do you think about my new design?! Much better, no? Many thanks to Adam, my resident Photoshop whiz.

And now on to the fiber-y goodness!

Looking for yet another knitting podcast to try? Check out the Knitting Podcasts Blog for a whole slew of options.

Hone your expert garage sale-ing skills, and you just might score some used knitting books such as “Knitting Today’s Classics”, or “Knit Tricks”

If you’re ever in the Horseshoe bay area, a trip to Nan’s Needleworks is well worth your time. While you’re there, pick up a few skeins of Trabajos Del Peru in honor of me!

If your calendar is looking pretty empty this time next year, you might like to plan a trip to the Dallas Fiber Fest. Here you can find all kinds of interesting fiber dealers such as Two If By Hand, FiberLady.com, Knitting Fairy, and Shabby Sheep.

Still have more questions about CSAs? Check out Jacob’s Reward Farm for more details.

While I still may be working on those pink ribbon fingerless mitts, I have cast on the Liesel Scarf to keep me interested in the mean time.

If you haven’t done so yet, please join me in the CraftLife Ravelry Group!

April 3, 2011

CraftLife Episode Two Addendum

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Well, as a newbie at this whole podcasting thing, there are bound to be bumps in the road.  Such a bump happened this weekend.

I recorded the podcast early this week and set it to publish on Saturday morning, since we were out of town visiting the family.  I (foolishly!) left my computer at home, confident that everything was going to go just fine.  The blog post went up right on time on Saturday morning, and episode two appeared in iTunes about 4 hours later.  If you have already downloaded episode two as of the time I am posting this, you already know the rest of the story.

When my dear mother-in-law downloaded the episode from iTunes and played it, it played a one minute clip of Natalie MacMaster’s song “Appropriate Dipstick.”  Arg…

Evidently, putting a link to an mp3, other than the actual podcast, in the show notes is a bad idea!

So sorry if you have already downloaded episode two and wondered what in the world was going on.  I ran to my computer as soon as we got home tonight and have removed the link from the show notes.  iTunes should update over the next 24 hours, and hopefully that will fix everything.  My best guess for those of you who have already downloaded the erroneous episode two, is to unsubscribe, and then resubscribe.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

April 2, 2011

CraftLife Episode Two – Creative Space

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I actually recorded this week’s episode a little early since we will be visiting family most of this weekend.  Could this result in another KIP report for Episode 3??  We shall see!

Are you looking for some audio to augment your creative environment?  Here are a few suggestions from mine:

If you are looking for a fabulous podcast that covers a variety of crafty topics, Martine at the iMake podcast has just what you’re looking for.

And, here’s the little beauty I dare you to knit (at your own risk, of course).

The Dallas Fiber Fest is happening April 8-10.  I’ll be there!  Will you?

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