November 10, 2010

A New Job, A New Reason To Make Stuff

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I know I’ve been absent this past week, but it’s with good reason.  I received a phone call last week about a possible job opportunity, and after calls, emails, interviews, and paperwork… I have a new job!  This will be a regular 40-hour work week job with all the regular holidays and a fair paycheck.  But the best part is, I’ll be working in the same building as my hubby, so we’ll get to carpool and do lunch!

Soooo…. my schedule will do a pretty dramatic change-up in two weeks.  No more days off mid-week.  No more half day work days when I can get my grocery shopping and errands done in the morning.  I’m really not sure of the entire impact this will have on my schedule, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when it happens.

No worries about craft time, however.  As it happens, I ran across this podcast from Sister Dianne over at CraftyPod last week.  I have been listening my way back through the CraftyPod archives, and this little beauty from 2006 was exactly what I needed to reassure me that the crafting will continue!

photo courtesy of

CraftyPod #27: Craft Up Your Cubicle: Projects for your Workspace.

I already had it in the back of my mind that I was going to make one of those pen flower arrangements, and this just gave me tons more ideas.  Give it a listen and go make something!


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