September 30, 2010

Tofu Pho You (and me!)

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Okay, so I take back all the bad things I ever said about tofu.  Up until yesterday, the only tofu I really liked was soft tofu blended in a smoothie.  But yesterday, oh yesterday, I was treated to dinner at Pho 95.

There were a few veggie/vegan selections, actually in their own little section on the menu, which was nice.  I ordered Buddha’s Monday Noodles, which came with crispy fried tofu.  I hesitated to order it because of the tofu, but I figured I could always eat around it, and I had never tried it crispy fried.  Oh my yum!  It’s true what they say, everything tastes better fried!

I liked it so much, in fact, that tonight, Adam and I tried another Pho restaurant, and I ordered…the exact same thing.  Crazy right?  Tofu, two nights in a row?  Ah well, I guess that, like many other types of foods, it’s all in the way it’s prepared.

Well, if you have been paying close attention, you have noticed that this is post number 99, which means that my next post is the big one oh oh, which means… giveaway time!  Be on the lookout on Monday for post 100, and details on how to enter.


September 27, 2010

Two Weeks As A Vegan

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Well, I have hit my two-week mark on my new adventure as a vegan, and I’ve learned quite a few things so far.

Number one, I still don’t really care for firm tofu.  I attempted an egg-less egg salad last week that was, hmmm, okay.  But, it still pretty much just tasted like tofu and onion, so after the my second taste test, I had to toss it.

Number two, eating out can be tricky.  My first dining out experience occurred at Applebee’s… not the most vegan friendly place.  I ordered the endless soup/salad combo, which was the only thing I found on the menu that I could eat.  There were four soup choices: chili, chicken tortilla, tomato basil, and french onion.  I asked for the house salad (no cheese), and the tomato basil.  After about two bites of the soup, I realized that it had cream in it, so my next choice was the french onion.  After dutifully removing the wonderfully pungent and gooey layer of swiss cheese and toast from the top of the soup, I made it about half way through the soup before remembering that french onion is made with beef broth.  So, no vegan soups at Applebee’s!  By that time, I just laughed and called that meal a loss.

Number three, I’m still a meat-eater at heart.  I awoke from a nightmare on Thursday morning.  I had dreamed that I was eating a sausage link and looked down at the last bite in my hand only to realized it was made out of meat!!  Panic ensued, and I awoke feeling completely silly.

But, it has not been all bad! 🙂  I have discovered some very tasty recipes so far, and here are some links to my top three from the past two weeks.

Vegan Colby Cheese Dip – I make this both weeks, once to use just as a cheese dip, and once mixed in with some whole wheat pasta and re-hydrated sun-dried tomatoes.  Yum!

Curried Eggplant, Lentil, and Quinoa Burgers – This was a great veggie-burger.  I didn’t have quinoa flakes on hand, so I used quick cook oats instead, and they turned out wonderfully.

Creole Black-eyed Peas – I love black-eyed peas, and these had just enough spice and liquid smoke seasoning, that I didn’t miss the ham seasonings at all.  I made these with canned black-eyed peas, and that really helped cut down on the prep and cook time.

Let me know if you give these recipes a try!  I’ll still be here experimenting and trying new things in my own kitchen, so hopefully I’ll have some more recommendations for you in the near future.

And, don’t forget to be on the lookout soon for details on the next Treacle And Ink giveaway!  Things are rolling right along behind the scenes here, and new things will be popping up soon.

September 15, 2010

The Times, They Are A-Changing

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Isn’t it great how life never stops?  I mean there are times when you wish that time would just stand still, but think of all of the new and wonderful experiences that you would miss out on.  Whenever I’m going through a less-than-fabulous time, I just remind myself that tomorrow will get here as quickly as it always does, and before I know it this less-than-fabulous time is just a memory.  (this is actually what helps me get through dentist visits, too)

Around here, there is a little bit of changing going on, both with me personally, and over at my Etsy shop, Treacle And Ink.

As far as me personally, I am trying a little bit of an experiment with my diet.  Due to some health concerns, I have made the decision to try a vegan diet for at least the next month.  At the end of the month, I’ll see what effect this has had on my overall health, and then make a decision to go back to my meat-eating ways, or stick with my new dietary lifestyle.  This is from the girl whose “last meal” request has always been fried chicken.  Oh, bacon, how I will miss you!  And Whataburger, I would be remiss if I excluded you from my fond farewell wishes!  Will this be a permanent change?  We’ll have to wait and see!

I have to give a big shout out to my friend jane over at The Village Star, a vegan herself, who has set me up with all sorts of resources.  Thanks girl!

So, how does this affect you, the reader?  Well, hopefully, I’ll be sharing some delicious recipes I discover along the way.  And if you have any that you are particularly fond of, please share it in a comment below, or leave me a link to the recipe!

Now, on to  The changes over there are still going on in the background at the moment, but keep your eyes peeled for some new items and more details in an upcoming post.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I am quickly approaching my 100th post!!  That means that giveaway time is heading this way, so be on the lookout for more info on that, too.

Lots of good stuff going on over here, so stay tuned!

September 7, 2010

Family Time

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I took the week off of blogging last week because my parents came out to Texas for a visit!  This was their first time out here without an agenda (ie: moving Adam and I into another house).  My dad had a true vacation, which pretty much looks like eat, nap, play video games.  My mom and I both hung in there with Dad for the most part, though we did take some time out for a spa day, which was lovely.

It was great!  I love my family, and really miss them, so it was nice to just hang out with no schedule.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do any picture taking.  Why do I seem to have a habit of forgetting that??

Tee Shirt Quilt update…incomplete.

Yes, that lofty goal of completion before my parents’ arrival was not achieved.  I just barely had enough time to complete all of the pre-visit preparations without making any further progress on my quilt.  With that said, the quilt is now back in focus.  I hope to have completed pictures up soon!

That’s pretty much all for now.  I just wanted to update you on my project status and offer some reason as to why I was MIA last week.  More later. 🙂

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