July 22, 2010

Desert Days

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This past weekend, we headed south once more to visit with Adam’s family.  It never fails to amaze me how much the landscape changes from here to there.  I mean, we are contained within the same state, yet this particular drive takes you from a lush and green environment with tall trees and regular rains, to one that is very dry, yet humid at the same time, and in which cacti flourish and roadrunners run.  This was the inspiration from my latest treasury.

That’s right folks.  Now that the Treasury East mess is long behind us, I have once again dipped my toe into treasury curating.  Fear not, however, this treasury does not feature any of the less favorable fauna of that particular region, namely scorpions and tarantulas, but does include a few of the milder animals, such as that ever present armadillo.  I hope you enjoy it!  And, since these new treasuries no longer contain alternates, here are a few of my top picks to tempt you to click on over.

Pit fired pots by iHRTart

Vintage Bird and Sunset Skirt by jessjamesjake

Desert Dweller Mini Wallet - Limited Brown Edition by whodinihandmade

18x24 Desert Driftwood Style Handmade Rustic Cactus Western Picture Photo Frame (.comes in ANY size.) by 2DogsWood Working


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