July 20, 2010

Keeping The Memories

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I have this stack of tee shirts that represents just about every play I have ever performed in.  Some of them have gotten a little too worn to still continue to wear, while others have mysteriously gotten a little too *ahem* small to continue to wear.  I have slowly been removing these tees from my drawer and consolidating them in a box that I plan to transform into a tee shirt quilt.

Never having made a tee shirt quilt before, I am turning to my sister, Julee, for help.

Julee's Bonclarken Quilt

Check this out!  This is her first attempt at a tee shirt quilt, and I must say, I am impressed.  Most of these shirts have come from her time as a staff member and Camp Joy volunteer at Bonclarken, the ARP retreat center in the beautiful Smokey Mountains.  The denim squares and rectangles are upcycled blue jeans.  Yay for repurposing!

Julee bonded interfacing to the back of the tee shirt blocks to add stability and keep them from curling up around the edges, like tee shirts tend to do.  She backed the quilt with a brown daisy fabric and used a navy binding around the edges.

What do you think??  I’m now much  more inspired to get cracking on that old box of theatre tee shirts.  And, actually, I like this pattern so much, I just might use it for my quilt as well.  What is it they say about imitation being the best form of flattery?



  1. Julee said,

    Thanks! After posting pictures of the quilt to Facebook, I’ve received numerous requests and I think I’m going to start making these for friends on the side. Good luck with yours! Have you started yet?

    • I think you should definitely make these on the side! I haven’t officially started mine yet, but I have separated and organized my shirts and purchased my interfacing. I’ll get going on it as soon as I finish this repair project I’m working on for Adam’s mom.

    • Aslinn said,

      Julee, how much would you charge? I would love to have all my old jeans and tshirts repurposed!!!!

      • Hey Aslinn! I spoke with Julee about this, and she said she was thinking about $10 per square. You provide the shirts/jeans, and she’ll take care of the rest.

  2. […] I have finally begun work on my theatre tee shirt quilt.  My sister’s first attempt at this project turned out so well, that I have been inspired enough to once and for all begin work on my own.  (You can check out her finished project in my post Keeping The Memories.) […]

  3. […] Be sure to wash the shirts first-I know common sense, right? And, if using cotton material for any other part of the quilt-including denim, be sure to launder first. You do not want the quilt to shrink or bleed after assembly. It may be a good idea to back each shirt with a lightweight fusible interfacing (some are made for knits), but be CAREFUL! Many t-shirts cannot be ironed over the printing. Check to be sure by testing a very small place and follow instructions closely. Interfacing adds stability and helps with seam curling. Machine piecing rather than hand piecing the shirts is a good idea, too. And, if you do not interface the shirts, make sure NOT to pull the shirts through the machine when piecing (stretchy fabric). Oh, and if you use jeans/denim, be sure to have the right size needle and proper thread. Here is an example of a lovely t-shirt quilt: https://treacleandinketsy.wordpress.com/2010/07/20/keeping-the-memories/ […]

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