July 22, 2010

Desert Days

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This past weekend, we headed south once more to visit with Adam’s family.  It never fails to amaze me how much the landscape changes from here to there.  I mean, we are contained within the same state, yet this particular drive takes you from a lush and green environment with tall trees and regular rains, to one that is very dry, yet humid at the same time, and in which cacti flourish and roadrunners run.  This was the inspiration from my latest treasury.

That’s right folks.  Now that the Treasury East mess is long behind us, I have once again dipped my toe into treasury curating.  Fear not, however, this treasury does not feature any of the less favorable fauna of that particular region, namely scorpions and tarantulas, but does include a few of the milder animals, such as that ever present armadillo.  I hope you enjoy it!  And, since these new treasuries no longer contain alternates, here are a few of my top picks to tempt you to click on over.

Pit fired pots by iHRTart

Vintage Bird and Sunset Skirt by jessjamesjake

Desert Dweller Mini Wallet - Limited Brown Edition by whodinihandmade

18x24 Desert Driftwood Style Handmade Rustic Cactus Western Picture Photo Frame (.comes in ANY size.) by 2DogsWood Working


July 20, 2010

Keeping The Memories

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I have this stack of tee shirts that represents just about every play I have ever performed in.  Some of them have gotten a little too worn to still continue to wear, while others have mysteriously gotten a little too *ahem* small to continue to wear.  I have slowly been removing these tees from my drawer and consolidating them in a box that I plan to transform into a tee shirt quilt.

Never having made a tee shirt quilt before, I am turning to my sister, Julee, for help.

Julee's Bonclarken Quilt

Check this out!  This is her first attempt at a tee shirt quilt, and I must say, I am impressed.  Most of these shirts have come from her time as a staff member and Camp Joy volunteer at Bonclarken, the ARP retreat center in the beautiful Smokey Mountains.  The denim squares and rectangles are upcycled blue jeans.  Yay for repurposing!

Julee bonded interfacing to the back of the tee shirt blocks to add stability and keep them from curling up around the edges, like tee shirts tend to do.  She backed the quilt with a brown daisy fabric and used a navy binding around the edges.

What do you think??  I’m now much  more inspired to get cracking on that old box of theatre tee shirts.  And, actually, I like this pattern so much, I just might use it for my quilt as well.  What is it they say about imitation being the best form of flattery?

July 16, 2010

Featured Fridays – Beppie Bags

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Friday is once again upon us, and it is a good one!  The weekend ahead will bring a visit with family whom we have not seen in a while.  It has certainly been the month to see family, which is wonderful!

I have a job interview on Monday morning, so prayers on that topic would be greatly appreciated.

Also, my husband received an exciting request this morning, but I’m going to have to wait to share the specifics with you until is becomes “official.”  Rest assured that it is some pretty cool news, which you will appreciate even more if you are a video-gamer.

That’s pretty much the wrap-up of my week, so let’s move on to something much more interesting:  this week’s Featured Fridays seller!

Store Name: Beppiebags

Tag Line: HOORAY!  You found me.  Welcome to Beppiebags.

First Name: Beth

Physical Location: Central Wisconsin

Inventory: “…FUN VINTAGE and, as time permits, a handmade handbag or two.”

Links: shop, hubby’s shop

My (still fairly) new obsession with all things mid-century modern has led me to do a ton of very enjoyable Etsy window shopping over the past few weeks.  But, as you know, window shopping can only go on for so long before the real shopping begins.  I mean, you can’t take me into a bakery and not expect me to walk out with a pastry or two.  The temptation is just too great.  So, after “hearting” a few choice listing, and saving me pennies, I finally made my first Etsy MCM purchase of four coffee cups in Salem’s North Star pattern, from beppiebags.

Ahhh, the bliss!  My only other North Star purchase (so far…) was of the salt and pepper shaker from Ebay, which I was very pleased with.  But buying from Ebay often lacks that sense of personal touch and community that comes with an Etsy purchase.

Enter Beth at Beppie Bags!

This is such a fun shop.  First of all, your eyes are met with a screen of vibrantly colored and well-lit photographs of a plethora of vintage goodies, which most definitely encourages you wander past the front page into the rest of the shop.  Amid the array of dinner and kitchen ware, you’ll stumble across a surprise or two, like this listing which made me laugh:

All About Sausage

The inside cover of this book contains a German quote which translates, “Without sausage, without bacon, purpose in life is forsaken.”  I absolutely agree.

While you’re browsing all of the goodies that Beppie Bags has to offer, don’t forget to notice her shop announcement.  Unlike some other shops I have visited (which shall remain nameless), it is clear, up-to-date, and contains relevant and current links.  Not a small feat for a married mother of two who manages two flower shops and runs her own Etsy shop!

My purchase from Beppie Bags was a pleasant, smooth experience.  My coffee cups arrived carefully packaged and ready to become new additions to my collection.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few more listings to tempt you to click on over to Beppie Bags and do a little shopping of your own!

Snack time for Two - Darling Milk Glass Cups and Plates

SALE Handmade retro barkcloth day to evening clutch

SALE...FATHER is LUCKY - Vintage Shaving Mug

6 Pieces Tangerine Imperial W. Dalton Stoneware

July 14, 2010

Rediscovering My Long Lost Routine

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The Comfort of Routine - by weathergirlshop

It is a general truth.  People like routine.  Get a child into a routine of when to eat, when to play, and when to sleep, and you have a happier child.  Allow me to get into my routine, and you have a happier me.  That is not to say that I don’t relish the opportunities to break out of my daily routine, especially when I’m caught in a rut, or when it just starts to get old.  However, there is a sense of order and familiarity and comfort in knowing what is supposed to happen next and seeing plans that come together. 

The past few weeks have really given my routine a kick in the pants.  First, there was vacation, which is one of those very welcome interruptions.  After coming home, there were little wrenches that began being thrown into the works of my daily pattern.  There was a temporary change at work which led me to take a deeper look at my level of patience with a particular people group, only to discover that I could most definitely cultivate more.  There was (and still is) a lack of internet accessibility.  There were missed appointments.  There was a surprise family visit.   All things which are not necessarily negative, but which do derail the familiar daily pattern.

Hopefully, my old routine will be returning soon, or maybe even better yet, I’ll finally find that job I have been searching for and begin forming a new routine.  Either way, it’s a habit I’m ready to reestablish.

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