June 4, 2010

It’s Not Just All About Crafts…

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The main theme of this blog, from the beginning, has always been Etsy and crafting.  Of course I have veered off the straight path here and there, because I am more than a crafter.

I’m a wife,

Leaving the reception.

a daughter,

Mom and Dad!

a sister,

Julee, me, and Stephanie.

a musician (and BFF!),

Me and The Marvelous Maven.

an actor,

Saying "goodbye" to Beth.

a cook,

My totally-from-scratch Thanksgiving gingerbread church from '08. I know it was a little while ago, but I'm still so darn proud of it!

a traveler,

I like a cruise... but I"m definitely up for something a little more off the beaten path.

an amateur photographer,

Somewhere in Asheville, NC, I believe.

a tea lover,

Tea at Biltmore. Ahhhhh.

dog lover,

Jan Austen fanatic,

video gamer,

fantasy football master,


…And so much more.  More than likely, all of these different aspects of me will show up here in my blog, so please feel free to read what interests you and skip over what doesn’t.

Now, what about you??  I know there is more to you than our shared interest in Etsy and crafty goodness.  (Or maybe, like The Marvelous Maven, you’re not not so much into the crafts, you just like me for me.)  I want to hear what else makes up you. What other skills/talents/passions do you have?  What do you just LOVE…and what could you totally live without?  Leave me come comments below!



  1. Hampton House said,

    I love getting to know you better!
    Makes my heart smile! :o)

  2. sue anderson said,

    I don’t think I can beat that but here goes.

    I am a mother, grandmother, daughter,BFF, crocheter,amateur photographer, cook, baker, confidant, comforter, a coffee lover, music lover, and lover of the Scripture.

    • Oh Sue, your photographs are always so lovely! I’m particularly digging those hydrangeas right now. When I was little, we had hydrangeas planted at our house, and I would love to plant some once we get into a house we can truly call our own. And as far as the coffee goes, you are so right up my alley. My day just never really gets started without a cup of coffee.

  3. Mary Ormsby said,

    Wow girl, do you have anytime for yourself? To relax and spend time with your hubby. Beautiful pictures. Are those Texas blue bonnets in the photo of you and your sisters? I’m originally from Texas.

    • Yes, those are bluebonnets! My sisters came here to TX to visit with us for the first time just a few weeks ago. We snapped that pic for a Mother’s Day gift for my mom.
      BTW, while I was perusing Jamfies Corner, I noticed you have a special place in your heart for Whataburger. Oh my goodness! Can I just say that when we moved to Texas, discovering Whataberger was one of the biggest hilights of our first month out here. Heck, I had one last night for supper! 🙂

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