June 2, 2010

An Awesome How-To by The Village Star

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What is up with the pollen lately??  I started feeling yucky on Monday while we were still down south, but it’s still hanging on now that we’re back.  I can’t tell which is worse, the way the allergies make me feel, or the way the allergy medicine makes me feel.


Anyways, I hate to post and run, but I definitely want to leave you with something of value, so check this out:

Orange Felt Flower Necklace by TheVillageStar

Jane has been gracious enough to pass along her crafty expertise in this tutorial.  Check it out!  Or, if you’re not so much about making one of your own, you can just buy this one. 🙂



  1. jane said,

    yay! thanks for posting my tutorial, girl 🙂 hope you get to feeling better soon–i know exactly what you mean re: allergies v. allergy meds!

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