March 16, 2010

An Eggceptional Treasury

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It’s that time again!  Yes, I managed to grab yet another treasury.  This time, I had Easter on the brain.  Remember the days when you were young enough to actually hunt the Easter eggs?  I miss those days.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like to hide them, but there is something infinitely more fun in finding them.  It’s like finding a treasure!

I hop…oops, I mean hope…you can stop by and check out all of the wonderful Easter eggs I found on my Etsy Easter egg hunt.  And, just like before, I wanted to give you a peek at my alternates!  Remember, if something is purchased from this treasury, I will trade it out for one of the alternates as quickly as possible.

Now, on to the good stuff!

Easter Egg Applique Bodysuit Onesie Newborn, S, M, L - by monsterbugblankets

Easter Morning Bracelet - by RoughMagicHolidays

Set of 3 Easter Tags - by Rosengarten

 Medium Patchwork Easter Egg

Medium Patchwork Easter Egg - by GlassCat



  1. Hi, I just came over from your beautiful treasury! Thank you so much for including my bracelet as an alternate and for featuring it among such pretty Easter finds here!
    🙂 Mollie

    • You’re very welcome, Mollie! I love those beads – they make me think of a tropical rainbow sherbet. 🙂

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