March 12, 2010

Featured Fridays – Ukrainian Easter Eggs

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My BFF (oh yes, I totally just said BFF) and I met in college and have been friends ever since. She has a beautifully original name, of which she is a bit protective, so I shall refer to her from here on out as “The Marvelous Maven,” because she is my go-to girl anytime I am puzzling through scripture, life, or anything really. She’s got the smarts and always knows just what to say.

The Marvelous Maven has quite a unique heritage. Her father’s family journeyed to the US from the Ukraine, and she has always been curious about the land from whence they came. I know that she would love to make a trip over there to see it one day, but for now there is just daydreaming. So in honor of The Marvelous Maven and Easter, I bring you this installment of Featured Fridays!

Store Name: Ukrainian Easter Eggs

First Name: K.T.

Physical Location: Toronto, Canada

Inventory: Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Links: shop, flickr

Ukrainian Easter Eggs is a new shop on Etsy, though a quick profile perusal will tell you that K.T. is definitely not new to the craft. For those who are unfamiliar with the way that Ukrainian Easter eggs, or pysanky, are made, they go through a process where they are alternately written on in wax and then dipped in a dye. For a more detailed description of how this process works, click here.

There are other Etsy sellers who sell pysanky, but I like the Ukrainian Easter Eggs shop because these eggs really cover the whole spectrum of colors and designs. The photography of the eggs is wonderful as well, with good clear pictures that really let you see the items up close. I have no doubt that you will find eggs here to suit just about anyone’s taste.

Here are a few of my particular favorites. Check out Ukrainian Easter Eggs Etsy shop and show some love to a new Etsy seller!

Bleached back to white Pysanka- batik Easter Egg - Pink and Black

Pysanka on Brown Egg with Pink accents

Turquoise Flowers on Black Pysanka

Green Leaves and White 8 pointed Stars hand painted easter Egg


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