March 11, 2010

Composition Cover Tutorial

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I was doing a little reading over at CraftyPod the other day when I came across this fun little tutorial about covering composition notebooks. Thanks to the teachings of my super-crafty friend jane over at The Village Star, I have been covering composition notebooks with the help of ModPodge for a few years now. I have made some notebooks in the past that I have been very proud of, but this tutorial gave me a faster, less messier option to try out.

Here’s my finished product:

Instead of cutting the fabric close to the edges of the notebook, I turned the edges under and pressed them to the inside of the covers. This fabric comes from some scraps left over from a dress I made last summer…yes a whole dress out of this fabric. 🙂  I don’t think I’m finished with the notebook yet, though.  It could use a little embellishment.

Now, can anyone tell me how to get fusible adhesive un-stuck from my new ironing board cover??


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