March 8, 2010

A Shipping Mystery for a Monday

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Womens Ringer T-Shirt - What If Common Sense Really Was Common in Java- New Design

Have you ever questioned the common sense of an architect or designer? You know who I’m talking about.  The guy who thought it was a good idea to have five lanes of traffic merge into two, just over the top of a hill, without any notice.  Or, that person who thought it was a great idea to build the Weight Watchers next to the Cold Stone Creamery.

Old West Post Office Bank

I made the trek to the post office last week with an armload of packages to be shipped.  I wanted to get them all in one trip so I wouldn’t have to wait in line more than once.  There were three sets of doors I had to pass through before I actually got to the cashier window: one set to enter the foyer, a second set to enter the lobby, and a third to enter the actual office.  Thankfully, there was a nice lady heading inside to check her PO box at the same time I was on my way to the office, so she pulled open the first two sets of doors for me.  I had to battle the third set myself.

After getting my packages merrily on their way, I marveled at the ease of my exit as I pushed my way through the doors and back into the sunshine.  That’s when I wondered, who decided it was a good idea to make all the doors in the post office “pull” to enter and “push” to exit?  Every time I go, I have an armload of boxes, which I struggle with before passing them along to the postal workers and exiting empty-handed.

The only reason I can think of is that maybe there’s some fire code that requires the doors to open that way…

Has anyone else experienced an inconvenience like this when shipping items?



  1. Jade said,

    My biggest inconvenience is having my children with me…three under the age of 5. The other day they almost knocked over the postcard stand…eeek! I have always been afraid of printing paypal shipping labels, but today I did my first. I think that will become the norm for me because hauling the kids in to address all my packages in the PO is NOT WORKING! LOL

    • You know, I just did my first ever PayPal shipping label too, and I think that will be my way to go from now on.

  2. Adam said,

    I love this post. I am very entertained at the idea of writing down all the “common sense” items that I come across in one day.
    My trip to work, the building I work in, MY CAR, my computer and case…. There are so many things we just accept that are the same concept. It makes you think, what is the real motive behind designing something to be inefficient or ineffective? I do not believe that are road engineers are incompetent so it must be money — My interpretation of the conversations between our smartest engineers —-
    “Hey Paul, we need 14 million to make this a safe, clean, and efficient on ramp to the new 40BILLION dollar interstate.”
    “Make it work with 4 million. Let them sweat it out for a while, after all….you do want a job in 4 years when we have to come back and widen this thing right?”
    “Oh yeah, stupid me…..”

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