March 1, 2010

Weekend at Grandbury

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My hubby and I headed out this weekend, along with our two doggies, to the town of Granbury.  Having heard great things about this small town, we were hoping for a fun-filled get-away.  We like to take off on the weekends to someplace we have never been before, and explore a new area.  This has yielded good…and not so good…trips.  This time, though, since we had heard good things from trustworthy first hand sources, we went ahead and booked an overnight stay at the Pomegranate House and Cottages Bed and Breakfast.  Not only was this a gorgeous B&B, it was also pet friendly!

Gate at the B&B

Blue Heron Cottage

Koi pond outside of our cottage...Adam in the background

Granbury did not disappoint us.  We dropped off the pups for a few hours of play time at Pooch Palace Pet Resort while we hit the downtown area.  The square was filled to the brim with neat stores.  There were antiques, gifts and collectibles, chocolates, quilting supplies, restaurants, and even a paint-your-own-pottery place.  Everything was so clean and well kept.  Many of the businesses displayed scripture verses on their signs or windows, and at one point Adam leaned over to me and said, “So, when are we moving here?”

We had reservations at 3pm at The Merry Heart Tea Room.

Tea Room

I love visiting tea rooms ( I even used to blog about it!), but we haven’t been to one in quite some time, so this was a treat.  It was a very nice experience.  The food and tea were very good.  The service was good as well, but our server didn’t tell us what all of our wonderful treats were when she brought them to the table, so we had to discover for ourselves.

First Course

Third Course. There is still some in my fridge. 🙂

The decor was simple and soothing, though some things were beginning to show their wear.  Overall, however, I’d definitely be up for another visit.

Tea for Two

We were so tired after our day out that we stayed in, being the old fogies that we are, and I got my behind handed to me by Adam in Scrabble.  We slept in the next day, and had a delicious gourmet breakfast delivered to our cottage around 9am.  We were a little bummed that the wi-fi at the B&B wasn’t working, but other than that, we had no complaints from our weekend.

On our next trip: Dinosaur Valley State Park and Fossil Rim.  I also discovered a ranch in that area that offers trail rides and dinners. 🙂



  1. jane said,

    sounds like a great time! i’ll have to tell you all about the trip lex and i are taking next weekend 😀

  2. Definitely! I want to hear all about it!

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