February 23, 2010

A Find That’s Out Of This World

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This weekend, my deal-loving hubby and I headed out to Trader’s Village, a huge flea market just a few miles away from our house.  We hadn’t been since the weather began getting cold last year, so we were looking forward to a day of exploring and hunting for good deals.  We both set out with our own individual goals.  Adam, as always, was looking for retro gaming systems and games, while I had my eyes out for vintage china or porcelain that might be cool enough to make it into a Treacle And Ink listing.

While Adam most definitely met and surpassed his goals, I didn’t have so much luck.  However, the day wasn’t a complete loss.  While wondering among the sea of sellers peddling everything from produce to car parts, we spotted this little beauty:

I love Star Trek: TNG! I used to get to watch episodes with my dad when I was younger, and Adam and I have been Netflix-ing our way through the series from start to finish for some months now.  We’re definitely not at the Trekkie level, but we are fans of the show.  Can’t wait to play my new game!


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